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Kids Quad Bikes

kids Quad Bikes

Selecting the best Quad bike for your child

Quad bikes are undoubtedly a great source of entertainment and excitement for the entire family. There are some important variables, though, that you must take into account, please consider the below to assist in making the correct purchase.

What Size Quad bike is best for my child?

You should choose a quad bike that is appropriate for your child's height, weight, and age because you don't want to buy them a bike that won't suit them in a few months. Select a cycle that is appropriate for their height/age and that they can still ride. Your children should ideally be able to mount the bike on their own and rest comfortably with their feet on the pegs.

Make sure the quad bike is not too tiny for you and that you are not loading it beyond what weight it can handle.

What's the ideal amount of power?

The good news is that most bikes have limiters and can be restricted to meet your child's ability. Your child's ability will vary from child to child. Therefore, you can choose a lower power option at first. You can then let them loose on a greater range of power once they are at ease.

Should I opt for a manual or automatic quad bike?

Some kids may be able to get used to a manual transmission, but many will feel more at ease with an automatic. It will be a little harder to ride a manual cycle, but that can also make it more rewarding to master. As their skill increases, so does their ability to recognise when to shift gears, which can make quad biking more engaging.

Have you got access to a suitable place to practice?

The next thing you should consider after making the decision to prepare with all of your safety equipment is where and how challenging the journey will be. Start out on flat surfaces so that you can develop your balance and knowledge of tip risks before moving on to those more difficult hills.

Yamaha Kids quad bikes

We have a wide range of Yamaha kids quad bikes available to purchase. 

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