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Yamaha Road Legal

Yamaha Road Legal

About Yamaha Road Legal

  • New Road Legal Quad Bikes for Sale from QuadBikes R Us

    Welcome to Quad Bikes R Us road legal quads page, where you will find a wide selection for different road legal quad bikes for sale. There are many kinds of vehicles available on the market such as road legal sports quads, utility and leisure quads, road legal side by side UTV’s, and ATV’s. However, not all of these are road legal. If you are going to be taking your quad bike on the roads, then it is essential that it adheres to the laws and requirements set out by the government. We have some of the best road legal quad bikes for sale in the UK, and you can see our selections below. If you have any questions about any of our vehicles for sale, feel free to use our contact form, and one of our members of staff will happily get back to you promptly.

  • How to Choose the Best Road Legal Quad Bike for You

    Quad bikes were traditionally used for off-road purposes, but over the last few years, people have been increasingly looked for new road legal quad bikes that can also be used off-road. People that use their quad bike for agricultural purposes will often have to cross and sometimes travel along roads, meaning that a 4x4 road legal quad bikes are often essential. Other people are looking for alternative travel options, so look for road legal quads for sale. Whatever the reason for you looking to purchase a quad bike that is legal for road use, we have a selection of high-quality new road legal quad bikes for sale. We can also offer a variety of different engines sizes, from 500cc upwards, and with various features available such as two-wheel and four-wheel drive, electronic powered steering, and electric start

  • Legal Aspects of Owning Road Legal Quads in UK

    There are some things that you need to be aware of if you are looking at road legal quads for sale in the UK, as when using the roads, you must adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated by the government. Whether you choose a manual or an automatic road legal quad bikes for sale, your vehicle will need to be registered and have a valid MOT, and you will also need a valid license and insurance. You are only allowed to have a passenger on your vehicle if it is designed to do so, and although you do not need to wear a crash helmet in England, Scotland, and Wales, it is advised that you do wear one.

  • Buying New Road Legal Quads vs a Used Cheap Road Legal Quad Bike

    When looking at road legal quad bikes in the UK, there are many benefits to purchasing a new one rather than an old one. When you buy a new vehicle, you have the peace of mind that comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. With the best road legal quads, you may even be able to extend the warranty. You do not have to worry about the service history of the quad bike, or how the previous owner took care of the vehicle. Whether you are looking for 2-seater road legal quad bikes for sale or automatic road legal quads for sale, check out our selection at Quad Bikes R Us and choose a quality new vehicle today.

  • Benefits of Buying a Road Legal Quad Bike from Reputable Quad Bike Dealers in UK

    There are some significant advantages when choosing Quad Bikes R Us, as we have some of the best road legal quad bikes available, and a range of different options for each model as well. We can offer finance for specific models of quad bike, and there are a few different options available including HP options. For more information or to apply for finance, please click here. When you buy our new road legal quad bikes for sale in the UK, we can also offer you full after sales support and service, to help ensure that your brand-new quad bike stays in perfect working order. We can even recommend driving schools to help you learn the skills needed to operate your quad safely both on the road, and off the road, as well as also recommend reputable insurance companies. We also stock a full range of parts and accessories which we can deliver nationwide should your vehicle require any replacement parts, or you wish to upgrade. Another benefit of purchasing your quad bike from us is the exceptional level of service that we provide to all our customers. We are here to help you make the right choice, and if you need any questions answered, why not visit our showroom in Unit 13, Maldon Trade Park, The Causeway, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4LJ. You can also call us directly on Tel: 01621 893227, send us an email at sales@quadbikesrus.com or use our convenient online contact form.

  • What's the best road legal quad?

    Other than having a machine perfect for off-road conditions, owning a road legal quad allows you to travel along the roads legally. QuadBikes R Us can offer you plenty of choices for this type of vehicles, and among those choices is one of the best of road legal quads, the Yamaha YFZ450.

  • How much is a quad road legal?

    You may be looking for a great quad to travel to your fields, bring feed to your animals or carry essentials for your farm, among others. QuadBikes R Us is the place to go to for the best road legal quad available. You can find the quads at prices between £2,599.00 and £24,999.00.

  • Are quad bikes road legal UK?

    They can be. Not all quad bikes can be driven on the road as they are subject to local laws and safety standards. You can check with the manufacturer if your quad has been approved for road use. QuadBikes R Us has a variety of road legal quads for sale.

  • Can you make a 4 wheeled Quad Bike street legal?

    If driving on public roads on a 4 wheeler is what you intend to do, you can make your quad street legal, and it isn’t that hard. Your quad will have to be taxed, registered with the DVLA, have front and rear number plates, have the required lights if you intend on using it after dark, be insured, and have an MOT.